Monthly Archives: January 2008

Ooops I forgot my skirt

Lindsay LohanWhy is it that so many young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan (and of course poor old Britney) keep forgetting to put their skirts on before they leave the house?  I know these gals pay some handsome money to their stylists – are they having a laugh at their expense?

The black is doing nothing for her complexion either – she looks a good 10 years older than her real age. 


Serious Underwear

Nicole RichieOk, Nicole Richie gave birth 2 weeks ago – now I’ve had a couple of kids and am aware fully of what your belly looks like post birth – basically jelly – so to look this svelte in such a short time – I’m guessing she’s wearing some serious body slimming underwear under this little black number.  And she probably hasn’t eaten either.  

Mere mortals don’t try this at home (well you can wear the big underpants, but do eat).

Just cos I like a perv

George ClooneyJust cos I think he’s gorgeous – here’s a pic of  the lovely looking George Clooney.

 He’s also always really well dressed – classy and smart – I so wish more modern men would dress like George.  The shirt cuffs are the right length, the suit fits beautifully – all I can really say is YUM!

What Was She Thinking?

Our Kylie of the gold hotpants – normally looks great – but here she is at the NRJ music awards with an abomination of a dress – it looks like the 80s vomited on her then decided to wrap her up in a big ol’ bow – not to my taste – but I’m sure Kath and Kim would think it was ‘roolly noice’. Kylie Minogue

Keep out of the sun Pamela!

To give you an idea of what the sun does to your skin, take a look at Pammy sans makeup and photoshop – though you think she’d know better than to leave the house without washing her hair – it’s not like she’d be surprised by the fact that her photo will be taken every time she leaves the house.Pamela Anderson

Farrah Fawcett Hair

Ashley TisdaleStop thief!   Ashley Tisdale ( Hairspray) has stolen Farrah Fawcett’s hair!

Want Longer Legs? Take a tip from the red carpet

Do you want longer legs?  Don’t go for expensive and painful surgery in Russia – why not instead go for the illusion of longer legs – take this tip from the red carpet and choose a ‘nude’ shoe to wear with your skirt or frock.  This little tip will add  5+ inches to the length of your gams –  as the French would say “cest formidable, non?”longer legs