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Do the Blink Test Before You Leave Home

I know this necklace is  worth a fortune, and Nicole is probably being closely followed by some big dudes with guns to make sure nobody tries to abscond with the jewels, but really it’s just too much.  Yes you can use a nice big necklace to distract from other body parts that you don’t want people to notice, but this is just overboard.  Nicole has already announced that she’s pregnant, so why would she need to distract from that almost imperceptible baby bump?

 Nicole Kidman  So how do you do the blink test?  Stand in front a mirror and shut your eyes for three seconds, open them and see what you focus on first – is your outfit working or not? 

Chanel got it right – take something off before you leave the house.


Always in Style

Helen Mirren is always classy – she knows just how to dress herself and year after year turns up to the Oscars in fantastic frocks that work so well for her.  2008 is no exception.  Some of the younger gals should take a leaf out of her book.

Helen Mirren

What’s With the Tights

This is Jennifer Missoni (of the famous designing Missoni family), the dress is a tad short Jennifer Missonifor my liking – but what’s the worst thing?  The opaque tights – nude opaque tights what’s worse.  Aren’t these tights only sold to Nuns?  She’s young and funky and here she is in old lady tights  – not a good look.

 At least she’s wearing closed toed shoes – even though it looks like they were borrowed from her gran and don’t acutally work with the outfit at all.

 Mind you, I’m not sure which of these pics is worse – here is Jaslene – winner of America’s Next Top Model in a pair of black opaques – which shouldn’t be so bad – and are quite the trend at the moment, but not with open toed gladiator sandals.

You may think that opaque tights are an easy option that can be worn with anything – but beware – you are now aware of a couple of the pitfalls.


It’s all just so wrong

Donatella Versace and Patrick Dempsey There is just so much wrong here.

OK so the 80s are back – but Patrick is old enough to have worn a very similar suit back then without resorting to it this time.

Donatella – those lips – they look really painful and swollen – did you get stung by a swarm of bees or wasps?  Oh no, it’s self inflicted with way too many facial fillers?  Why would you do that to yourself?  Can you see in the mirro what you look like?

 It certainly doesn’t make you look younger or more beautiful.

And by the way – hasn’t it occurred to you that your hair colour isn’t in the least bit flattering?

It makes me want to cry

Daniel Day-LewisHe was so hot in My Beautiful Laundrette, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Last of the Mohicans, but Im sorry, what was he thinking when he put this strange lumberjack/cowboy/spiv inspired outfit on?

If your clothes are a reflection of what’s going on inside you – what is he trying to tell us?

Re-writing history?

MadonnaLooking at this photo of Madonna it’s hard to believe that a woman wearing this very conservative neck to knees outfit once wrote a book called Sex which starred her in very little clothing.

 Has she gone all conservative for the sake of her kids?

 On closer inspection you can see through the shirt to her underwear – so she’s not become completely nun-like.

Was Amy really in rehab?

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse is back out of rehab – yet looking at this pic I’m wondering if ‘rehab’ is another way of saying ‘boob job’ – as these puppies are looking rather unnatural, and I hadn’t noticed her looking this voluptuous before.