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Tights are NOT pants

Where oh where is Rachel Zoe when you need her – now poor old Lindsay has no one to tell her that a pair of leggings is not a pant substitute, but something to keep your legs warm underneath a skirt.Lindsay Lohan

And what did that poor afghan hound do to you Lindsay that you feel you needed to wear it as a jacket?


Lamb Dressed as Mutton

I find it sad that every time I see a photo lately of Katie Holmes, she’s wearing middle-aged lady clothes whilst she’s still only in her 20s.  I think Tom has forgotten that just because he is middle aged, his wife doesn’t have to dress that way to make him look less like the cradle-snatcher he is.Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

Pocket Peril

Kate MossThis photo of Kate Moss may look innocent enough – a nice casual look, though the hair is a bit messy -but it’s probably windy out.

But notice the outline of her pockets on the thighs – I would class this as big a sin as VPL and something to be avoided – all it does is draw attention to your thighs and make them look bigger.  Now if your a skinny minnie like Miss Moss, you can take the extra poundage, but if you’re a normal juicy woman, then this will do you damage.

 My best advice when you have a pair of trousers like this is to sew the pockets shut and cut the remaining fabric out – thus a nice clean, smooth appearance on the thighs.

Beware of who you’re flashing

Have you ever noticed that celebrities clothes often become see through in paparazzi photos?  All those camera flashes going off tends to make something a bit sheer look very see through.  Now, how often would Janet Jackson get papped?  Every time she leaves the house most likely – so she’d be well aware of the exposing power of the flash, so why did she choose to wear a light bra under this black dress?

I’m not even going to comment on the rock hard fakeness of her misshapen breasts.

Janet Jackson