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The Weight of Tights

This glam shot of the Sex and the City gals is marred by a pair of opaque tights which just don’t work.    I know it’s cold in New York at this time of year, but I’m sure it’s only a very short stroll from the limo to the event, but opaque tights are for daywear only, and really a nice heavyweight wool skirt, never, ever for evening wear.  Such a shame.

Notice how nobody is looking at them, they’re all carefully looking in other directions so as to not draw attention .  Don’t look at the tights and keep smiling – no one will notice the faux pas.

Sex and the City



The trend for oversized handbags continues with  Fergie’s handbag and large glasses.  Oversizing a handbag can make you look smaller and slimmer, which I’m sure is why so many celebs like to sport one.  But a handbag bigger than your shorts, makes the shorts look even smaller.Fergie