Monthly Archives: August 2008

Wacko Jacko Strikes Again

Does Michael Jackson wear get ups like this – just so he can keep the ‘wako jacko’ mantle?  Here is he is pajama pants and a tuxedo jacket.  Did he just spill something on his tuxedo pants, so grab the first trouser like garment that came to hand before leaving the house?  Or is he just doing this to court publicity?  The women’s sunglasses are a strang touch too – has he decided that along with not wanting to be black, he also doesn’t want to be a man?


Reese Witherspoon’s Hair

Now in contrast to Hilary Swank, I love Reese Witherspoon’s new haircut – it’s so cute and modern, really stylish – she looks fantastic here.

Hilary Swank’s Hair

Ooohh I hate this hair colour on Hilary Swank, she’s gone blandly blonde, a colour that has taken away her contrast and interest, and given her a kind of sallow skin tone.  I hope this hair colour is for a role and not just for a ‘change’ cos it’s not working.  Please Hilary, you’re way more beautiful as a brunette!

I just don’t get Katie Holmes Baggy Cardigans

What is with Katie Holmes’ baggy cardigans she’s wearing, she’s stopped the terrible baggy pegged jeans, probably got sick of everyone bagging her, so she’s back into more flattering denim, but she keeps wearing granny cardies with big pockets and no shape – is it just a publicity stunt?  They are not flattering, the colour of this one is particularly bleeuugghh nanna (not sure how else to discribe it on her),  and it just isn’t a look that works for her, it’s making her look pregnant and dowdy all in one.  I know that the ‘boyfriend’ cardigan is supposed to be a big trend this coming season, but you can still get more flattering ones than the ones she keeps choosing. 

Katie Holmes Jeans Again

These jeans that Katie Holmes is wearing are only good for slim hipped gals like her, why?  The whiskering across the hips is very unflattering for women who have wider hips as they create nasty horiztonals and attention at a part of the body that many women would rather not draw attention to.

Mary Kate Olsen has Lost Her Pants

Where are you pants Mary Kate?  Or did you think that you can wear this oversized flannie shirt as a dress and it will make you look all hip an happening?  Put on some pants!


Be careful of patterend tights

These butterfly tights make me want to fly away so I don’t have to look at them any longer and they’re doing no favours to Solange Knowles’ tights (she’s Beyonce’s sister).  They’re certainly not making her thighs look slimmer or flatter them in any way.