Valentino enough with the tanning

When are people going to realise that a tan is not attractive?  Think I’m wrong, well take a peek at this pick of tanorexic Valentino.  Apart from looking really unnatural, it also gives you crocodile skin – and who wants that?  Case Closed.


One response to “Valentino enough with the tanning

  1. Agreed. Those women (/men) with outrageously overdone tans should be slapped in the face and pointed in the direction of the nearest mirror.

    Pale skin is by no means attractive, but a more normal, healthy glow is not only classy, it presents a much more healthy appearance.

    I myself get a spray tan (it’s extremely light) once a month, only to maintain a human appearance! (I’m ghastly pale)

    So, to anyone who is considering getting a “Deep, dark tan”. Reconsider. You’re not only going to look like a fool, but you’re going to look kitch cheap as well!

    Nicole Kidman
    Reese Witherspoon
    Heidi Klum

    All these stunning women agree with the philosophy that pale/porcelain skin…is gorgeous!

    This era of tan-crazed obsession will pass…eventually. Just be patient!

    Ciao xo

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