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Denim Don’t if You Want Slimmer Hips

Rachel Bilson is wearing a pair of jeans with whiskering at the crotch, which when she’s placed next to a group of ultra thin models, is making her look very curvy in the hips.

If you’d like to make your hips look slimmer,  avoid this kind of detailing on jeans.  Since a fair proportion of women have issues with their hips, I don’t understand why jeans designers keep adding it to their denim ranges as it would cost them extra in production.

If you want more tips on how to choose jeans, check this out.


How to Choose the Length of Your Shorts

Heidi Klum’s shorts are just too short here – when trying to decide how long you should wear them, the rule is to never put a horiztonal line on your widest point – and as you can see, these shorts end right at the widest part of Heidi’s thighs.   A couple of inches longer and she could have carried them off better, but this draws attention and it’s not flattering.

The Right Way to Wear Sheen and Sparkle

Sheen and sparkle can be tricky to wear, as sheen and sparkle draw attention to wherever they are placed.  This dress that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wearing at the Emmys is a good example for the X shaped or A shaped woman, on how to wear sheen. 

What you notice is that the dress has the sheen and sparkle elements at the bust and above, whilst it is matte over the stomach, hips and thighs – for many women, the danger areas.  Gorgeous! 

Marcia Cross’ Fairy Princess Dress

I love this fairy princess dress that Marcia Cross is wearing at the Emmys, it so reminds me of a grown up version of what my 3 year old daughter loves to get around in most days.  The colour is perfect for her alabaster skin, very subtle blush pink, but the sheen and lace sets it off so it’s not boring.  She has also picked a great sandal to go with it, delicate and low vamp, so it doesn’t overpower this dress.  It’s the kind of dress an adult woman who harbours ballerina/princess fantasies from childhood would love to wear but never has the occassion to do so.  Sigh..,

Beware the Horizontal Lines Kate Walsh

In direct contrast to the great dress that Heidi Klum wore to the Emmy’s, this dress worn by Kate Walsh has dominant horizontal lines, in shiny beading, which draws a big nasty line around her hips, and makes her look way curvier than she really is.  Unless you have a boyish shape, I’d avoid wearing a dress like this.

Heidi Klum’s Flattering Dress

You can learn a slimming trick from this gorgeous dress that Heidi Klum wore to the Emmy’s.  Notice the diagonal details?   They run left to right as we look at the dress – and this helps to draw our attention up the body to Heidi’s face.


Diagonal lines create action and movement in an outfit, they’re particularly effective when they travel in this direction (on this dress). 

Charlize Theron’s Boxy Plaid Dress

Why oh why is Charlize Theron doing this to herself?  Did someone bet her that she wouldn’t go outside the house in this so called ‘dress’ (which I’d call a ‘nightmare’), it’s a boxy shape, which does nothing for her gorgeous body, except make it look bigger, and the tartan pattern is also boxy, so she just looks like a nasty plaid box.  I know that plaid is supposed to be a big fashion trend, but it’s hard to wear – even for the most gorgeous.  Tread warily.  You have been warned!