Charlize Theron’s Boxy Plaid Dress

Why oh why is Charlize Theron doing this to herself?  Did someone bet her that she wouldn’t go outside the house in this so called ‘dress’ (which I’d call a ‘nightmare’), it’s a boxy shape, which does nothing for her gorgeous body, except make it look bigger, and the tartan pattern is also boxy, so she just looks like a nasty plaid box.  I know that plaid is supposed to be a big fashion trend, but it’s hard to wear – even for the most gorgeous.  Tread warily.  You have been warned!


One response to “Charlize Theron’s Boxy Plaid Dress

  1. Stars dress like this in baggy things because they KNOW you KNOW what they REALLY got goin’ on under that sack! They are too hot to care about showing it off. We all know Charlize has a hot bod, but today she had a “fat day.” So let’s let her enjoy it.

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