Heidi Klum’s Flattering Dress

You can learn a slimming trick from this gorgeous dress that Heidi Klum wore to the Emmy’s.  Notice the diagonal details?   They run left to right as we look at the dress – and this helps to draw our attention up the body to Heidi’s face.


Diagonal lines create action and movement in an outfit, they’re particularly effective when they travel in this direction (on this dress). 


3 responses to “Heidi Klum’s Flattering Dress

  1. Yuck. Hate the dress!

  2. LOL How refreshing you are, Karen!

    I’m not crazy about anything one-shouldered, but the model does look beautiful!

  3. I think the biggest problem with this outfit is that huge, gaudy monstrosity on her hand. I agree with Rebecca that I’m usually not a huge fan of one-shouldered, but the dress does look good.

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