Denim Don’t if You Want Slimmer Hips

Rachel Bilson is wearing a pair of jeans with whiskering at the crotch, which when she’s placed next to a group of ultra thin models, is making her look very curvy in the hips.

If you’d like to make your hips look slimmer,  avoid this kind of detailing on jeans.  Since a fair proportion of women have issues with their hips, I don’t understand why jeans designers keep adding it to their denim ranges as it would cost them extra in production.

If you want more tips on how to choose jeans, check this out.


2 responses to “Denim Don’t if You Want Slimmer Hips

  1. I hate whiskering! It’s like pointing arrows that say, “Look at my crotch, Please!”

  2. Years ago when my daughter was a young teen and I still bought and paid for her clothes, I took her jeans shopping. There just wasn’t anything available in one particular shop which I was prepared to fork out dollars for. Why should we be forced to buy the trend, whether it’s whiskering or hipsters, if it’s not what suits. The sales assistant looked at me like I had 2 heads when I pointed this out.

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