Lamb Dressed as Mutton

Why is it that young, attractive women like Anne Hathaway (and often Katie Holmes) feel they need to dress much older than they are.  I meet so many women in my image consulting business who are worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb, so worried that they tend to do the opposite, and age themselves unnecessarily.  Nothing wrong with this dress, it’s just that it’s too old and conservative for Anne.


You don’t need to dress old before your time, you will only look like mutton dressed as lamb if you wear too many fashion fads, wear fashions that don’t suit your body shape and proportions,  (and this is the big one) show to much skin.

You need to be aware of fashions to stay looking current and youthful, but just don’t follow them slavishly, and only wear what suits your personality, body shape, proportions, scale, colouring etc.  Not sure what this is?  Why not consider a session or two with an image consultant?


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