Colour and Contrast Levels – Julia Stiles Style

This dress that Julia Stiles is wearing is cute and flattering to her figure, but she’s chosen the wrong coloured handbag, shoes and earrings.

I can see what she was trying to do – it’s called ‘visual grouping’ in technical terms, where she is playing a game of join the coloured dots – blue shoes, blue handbag detail and blue earrings, but there just isn’t enough contrast in these accessories to create the contrast she needs to look great, so she looks altogether washed out.

What you might notice, if you look closely, she has dark brown eyes, so she needs a small element of a dark colour to work with her light pink dress.  If only the shoes, handbag and earrings had been a deeper blue or brown this outfit would have looked fab.

Now if you compare this photo of our Princess Mary, who is wearing a rose beige dress, notice how the dark brown of the belt, works beautifully with her hair, and creates the contrast that she needs to shine?


2 responses to “Colour and Contrast Levels – Julia Stiles Style

  1. Julia looks naked in that dress! More contrast! Mary has it just right, that belt and hair make it. DId you also see you can see Julia’s knickers under that dress? Thumbs down on that!

  2. Problem with so many clothes is that they become see through with so many photographers strong flashes.

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