Hoisery Rules Kate Beckinsale

I know that opaque hoisery is a big fashion trend at the moment, but one rule that shouldn’t be forgotten is that you need to match the weight of your tights to the weight of your skirt.

Kate Beckinsale is wearing a light, sleeveless, floaty dress, with heavy opaque black tights, which just don’t work together.


3 responses to “Hoisery Rules Kate Beckinsale

  1. I love your blog and all your advice. I understand you reasoning on Kate’s outfit but it’s a very “LA” look. I know you have similar seasonal issues where you live. We are always so confused with the weather and this outfit is a good example of what happens. I like the outfit but I also understand your critique.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Leah, glad that you enjoy it.

    I think the issue I have with the trend/fad is that if it’s cold enough for opaque tights, it’s cold enough for some sleeves (at least).

  3. I didn’t know you had another blog. I am delighted to find it. Unhappily, I found it through Leah’s last post. I will miss her lovely blog. But, so pleased to find another one of yours.

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