Lara Flynn Boyle Scares Me

What bothers me most about Lara Flynn Boyle is:

Not her extreme skinny frame (she needs to eat something fatty right now!)

Not the fact she’s at some sort of black tie event and forgot her shoes

Not the fact that she dressed kind of like the wait staff at this black tie event

But her extreme plastic surgery.  Her once pretty face has disappeared.  What is left in it’s place is oversized and unatural looking lips, permanently surprised eyebrows, and skin that’s tighter than Warwick Capper’s Shorts (sorry, you have to be Australian to understand that reference).

I do believe she’s completely gone off the boil.


4 responses to “Lara Flynn Boyle Scares Me

  1. She is starting to look like a very thin Stephanie Powers. I have to say that the no-shoe thing is scaring me. And, that suit like ensemble reads very 80’s to my eye.

  2. She was so beautiful way back when in Twin Peaks.

  3. Wendy – you’re right – she was gorgeous back in Twin Peaks – not a skeleton, and without fillers. Why do they do this to themselves?

  4. Where the hell are her shoes? What sort of statement is she trying to make? that my outfit was so expensive I couldn’t afford the shoes?

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