Jessica Alba’s Knee-High Boots

Cute pic of Jessica Alba out and about with her 4 month old daugher Honor Marie, and hubby Cash Warren.  She’s in what should be a great pair of practical flat boots – essential for every Mum/Mom, but couldn’t she get a pair that fit her round the calf – they should be snug, and not look like a pair of wellington boots (gum boots), all sloppy at the calf.  Plus all that slouch at the ankle does nothing for her legs.  I think a trip to the boot maker is in order.


4 responses to “Jessica Alba’s Knee-High Boots

  1. Hey, Imogen:

    I see that her boots are definitely too loose around the ankles, but do they need to be snug around the top (just under her knee), as well? I’ve always wondered about that, as I have a pair of black boots that have the same amount of space at the top that Jessica’s do in this picture.

  2. I sort of wish I had the too big boot problem. Often I have to take my boots to the shoe guy to have them stretched a bit.

  3. Michelle, They’re making them big to tuck your jeans into. If you don’t tuck, you could always have them taken in.

    La Belette – Nine West make big calf boots.

  4. she looks so beautiful

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