Beyonce’s Bustin’ Out at the MTV Awards

This dress almost defies description.  It’s space age meets corrugated iron.  The issue I have with it – I understand it’s a costume for a performance, not something she’s likely to wear walking down the street – but it’s the fact that her black bike shorts appear to be busting out of the sides of the ‘dress’.

Oh my, oh my, oh my…


4 responses to “Beyonce’s Bustin’ Out at the MTV Awards

  1. It is very costumey and not the most flattering garment I have ever seen. Lucky for her she is so lovely that all I look at is her face and I miss the dress.

  2. You’re right — it is hideous. And kind of surprising, because Beyonce typically does quite a few things “right” with her fashion choices.

  3. I love it! This dress will give me HIPS!!!!

  4. My God!! That´s one of the ugliest outfits I´ve seen in a long time!!! It looks horrible with a capital H!
    And it really doesn´s that matter she´s performing!! It´s just plain hideous!!!

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