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Pink Shows How Not to Wear Shooties

The new shoe/boot (shootie) is something that looks heaps better either with a really short skirt (if you’re  young enough and your legs can take it) or my preference, with a nice pair of trousers.

These shooties are too gappy round the ankle to wear with a dress, and this dress is too long to wear with such a high vamp shoe.

It’s an interesting dress, but the outfit is killed by the bad shoe choice.


Beyonce’s Bustin’ Out at the MTV Awards

This dress almost defies description.  It’s space age meets corrugated iron.  The issue I have with it – I understand it’s a costume for a performance, not something she’s likely to wear walking down the street – but it’s the fact that her black bike shorts appear to be busting out of the sides of the ‘dress’.

Oh my, oh my, oh my…

Agyness Dyne Dotty Dress

I wonder when I see clothes like this, who the designer (in this case Henry Holland) thought  they were designing for?  It’s worn on the catwalk, and here by model Agness Desynes, but I can’t imagine ever seeing this in a retail store, let a long anyone other than a beanpole model wearing it (Ok maybe a hooker with unusual tastes).

What do you think?  Is it just for the runway or for real women too?