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Katie Holmes Pants Pockets

At least Katie is not wearing an outfit she made herself, but check out her thighs – you can see the pockets of her pants through the fabric – which is never a good look.

If you have trousers that do this – just sew the pockets closed and cut them out – a smoother cleaner line.


Katie Holmes Dodgy Jumpsuit

I don’t understand why Katie Holmes would choose to wear this dodgy white, ill-fitting jumpsuit (did she make it herself?) with a black lace undershirt.  It just doesn’t work.  It gives her odd looking breasts, and just looks cheap and tacky, like it was cobbled together – did she let Suri choose her clothes today?

Lamb Dressed as Mutton

Why is it that young, attractive women like Anne Hathaway (and often Katie Holmes) feel they need to dress much older than they are.  I meet so many women in my image consulting business who are worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb, so worried that they tend to do the opposite, and age themselves unnecessarily.  Nothing wrong with this dress, it’s just that it’s too old and conservative for Anne.


You don’t need to dress old before your time, you will only look like mutton dressed as lamb if you wear too many fashion fads, wear fashions that don’t suit your body shape and proportions,  (and this is the big one) show to much skin.

You need to be aware of fashions to stay looking current and youthful, but just don’t follow them slavishly, and only wear what suits your personality, body shape, proportions, scale, colouring etc.  Not sure what this is?  Why not consider a session or two with an image consultant?

I just don’t get Katie Holmes Baggy Cardigans

What is with Katie Holmes’ baggy cardigans she’s wearing, she’s stopped the terrible baggy pegged jeans, probably got sick of everyone bagging her, so she’s back into more flattering denim, but she keeps wearing granny cardies with big pockets and no shape – is it just a publicity stunt?  They are not flattering, the colour of this one is particularly bleeuugghh nanna (not sure how else to discribe it on her),  and it just isn’t a look that works for her, it’s making her look pregnant and dowdy all in one.  I know that the ‘boyfriend’ cardigan is supposed to be a big trend this coming season, but you can still get more flattering ones than the ones she keeps choosing. 

Katie Holmes Jeans Again

These jeans that Katie Holmes is wearing are only good for slim hipped gals like her, why?  The whiskering across the hips is very unflattering for women who have wider hips as they create nasty horiztonals and attention at a part of the body that many women would rather not draw attention to.

Suri’s Darn Cold

I know that kids like to run around in lots less clothing than their parents, but given that both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are wearing jackets, it can’t be stinkingly hot in New York, yet little Suri has a sleeveless summer frock on and bare legs.  I hope shes’ not cold!

Katie Holmes in Skinny Jeans – Is she over the pegged jeans?

Wow – after day after day in her pegged jeans, did Katie Holmes read all the blogs saying how much they hated her jeans, because here she is wearing a pair of skinny jeans – the complete opposite of the pegged variety.