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Tights are NOT pants

Where oh where is Rachel Zoe when you need her – now poor old Lindsay has no one to tell her that a pair of leggings is not a pant substitute, but something to keep your legs warm underneath a skirt.Lindsay Lohan

And what did that poor afghan hound do to you Lindsay that you feel you needed to wear it as a jacket?


Put that bottle of fake town down slowly and back away!

Lindsay LohanLindsay’s face looks awfully orange and kind of blotchy – I’m hoping that she’s just got a case of severe tanorexia, and not some awful skin disease (otherwise I’d be looking pretty shallow and nasty with this post).

The orange glow is just not attractive – and with the understanding I have about colour – if you feel you need to fake tan because you look washed out – then maybe your hair colour and/or clothes don’t suit you – so it would be better to avoid the tan on change your hair/clothes to a more flattering colour.

Ooops I forgot my skirt

Lindsay LohanWhy is it that so many young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan (and of course poor old Britney) keep forgetting to put their skirts on before they leave the house?  I know these gals pay some handsome money to their stylists – are they having a laugh at their expense?

The black is doing nothing for her complexion either – she looks a good 10 years older than her real age.