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Pink Shows How Not to Wear Shooties

The new shoe/boot (shootie) is something that looks heaps better either with a really short skirt (if you’re  young enough and your legs can take it) or my preference, with a nice pair of trousers.

These shooties are too gappy round the ankle to wear with a dress, and this dress is too long to wear with such a high vamp shoe.

It’s an interesting dress, but the outfit is killed by the bad shoe choice.


Jessica Alba’s Knee-High Boots

Cute pic of Jessica Alba out and about with her 4 month old daugher Honor Marie, and hubby Cash Warren.  She’s in what should be a great pair of practical flat boots – essential for every Mum/Mom, but couldn’t she get a pair that fit her round the calf – they should be snug, and not look like a pair of wellington boots (gum boots), all sloppy at the calf.  Plus all that slouch at the ankle does nothing for her legs.  I think a trip to the boot maker is in order.

Chance Crawford – Ya Tie’s Too Short

Here is a pic of Gossip Girl star Chance Crawford on set – now I’ve never seen the show (not shown here as yet), but I’m assuming he’s not playing the nerd character – so why is his tie not hitting his belt (or where his belt should be – where is his belt -did he lose it, or is he striding so purposefully to find the villian that stole it)?

Also – what’s with the iphone/pod in your pocket?  Ruining the line of a pair of trousers stuffing crap in your pockets is just not the way to go either.

It’s these little details that make all the difference.

Lara Flynn Boyle Scares Me

What bothers me most about Lara Flynn Boyle is:

Not her extreme skinny frame (she needs to eat something fatty right now!)

Not the fact she’s at some sort of black tie event and forgot her shoes

Not the fact that she dressed kind of like the wait staff at this black tie event

But her extreme plastic surgery.  Her once pretty face has disappeared.  What is left in it’s place is oversized and unatural looking lips, permanently surprised eyebrows, and skin that’s tighter than Warwick Capper’s Shorts (sorry, you have to be Australian to understand that reference).

I do believe she’s completely gone off the boil.

Hoisery Rules Kate Beckinsale

I know that opaque hoisery is a big fashion trend at the moment, but one rule that shouldn’t be forgotten is that you need to match the weight of your tights to the weight of your skirt.

Kate Beckinsale is wearing a light, sleeveless, floaty dress, with heavy opaque black tights, which just don’t work together.

Katie Holmes Pants Pockets

At least Katie is not wearing an outfit she made herself, but check out her thighs – you can see the pockets of her pants through the fabric – which is never a good look.

If you have trousers that do this – just sew the pockets closed and cut them out – a smoother cleaner line.

Hayden Panettiere’s Ugly Lace Top

This white lace top that Hayden Panettiere is wearing is so ugly I’m lost for words.

It’s unflattering elasticised waist does nothing for her except make her look pregnant, and the lace just looks cheap and tacky.  Am I right or am I being too harsh?