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Pink Shows How Not to Wear Shooties

The new shoe/boot (shootie) is something that looks heaps better either with a really short skirt (if you’re  young enough and your legs can take it) or my preference, with a nice pair of trousers.

These shooties are too gappy round the ankle to wear with a dress, and this dress is too long to wear with such a high vamp shoe.

It’s an interesting dress, but the outfit is killed by the bad shoe choice.


Heidi Klum Top and Tail

if you like to wear a shoes that don’t blend with your trousers, and you don’t mind that wearing a different coloured shoe will visually shorten the length of your legs, try wearing a shoe in a colour similar to your hair colour, like Heidi Klum is doing here.

This is what we call “visual grouping”, which ties the shoe colour back to the hair colour.

Alternatively, if you want to wear a red shoe, you need to wear something red close to the face to draw attention back up the body – so try a red necklace, earrings, top or scarf.

Sandal Boots – are they really necessary?

Killer Heels ask the tough questions – are boots with open toes  really necessary?  I just don’t understand them – are the boots or sandals?  Which season are they aimed at?  Or are they for someone who just can’t make up their mind.  And what’s worse, is that her toes are hanging over the end – either they’re badly designed and her foot is sliding forward in the sanboot, or they’re too small – why would  someone with the money she has wear shoes that are too small?  Plus they’re way too loose round the ankles – highlighted by the rolled up jeans – not a good look.

This pair, sported by Rachel Bilson leave much to be desired.

Or are they some kind of strange contraption to stop Paris Hilton’s dog from nipping at her ankles?