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Katie Holmes Pants Pockets

At least Katie is not wearing an outfit she made herself, but check out her thighs – you can see the pockets of her pants through the fabric – which is never a good look.

If you have trousers that do this – just sew the pockets closed and cut them out – a smoother cleaner line.


Katie Holmes Jeans Again

These jeans that Katie Holmes is wearing are only good for slim hipped gals like her, why?  The whiskering across the hips is very unflattering for women who have wider hips as they create nasty horiztonals and attention at a part of the body that many women would rather not draw attention to.

Suri’s Darn Cold

I know that kids like to run around in lots less clothing than their parents, but given that both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are wearing jackets, it can’t be stinkingly hot in New York, yet little Suri has a sleeveless summer frock on and bare legs.  I hope shes’ not cold!

Katie Towers Over Tom

It’s nice to see for once that Tom is letting Katie stand up to her full height and tower over him.  You hardly ever see her taller than him – is it because he’s always wearing massive platform shoes, or is she squatting to make him look more ‘the man’?

Lamb Dressed as Mutton

I find it sad that every time I see a photo lately of Katie Holmes, she’s wearing middle-aged lady clothes whilst she’s still only in her 20s.  I think Tom has forgotten that just because he is middle aged, his wife doesn’t have to dress that way to make him look less like the cradle-snatcher he is.Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

Little Red Riding Hood

Katie Holmes, Tom CruiseEvery time I see a pic of Katie Holmes (here posing as little red riding hood I think – it’s a UNICEF bash I believe), she seems to have grown – she must be eating up all her greens – or is it just that Tom is shrinking (he’s getting on and you do get smaller as you age), or does he ususally wear a pair of platform shoes to try and even out.

 What is with the frock – is it a huge overgrown collar or a cape?