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I am retiring this blog

I’ve decided due to overwork to retire this blog.  Two blogs is too much for me – so if you like my style, come on over to Inside Out Style – where the science and art of style collide – for tips and information on getting your style sorted.


David Sedaris’ Choosing Your Accessories

Women get so many options to try different sorts of accessories.  The options are a little more limited for men, as author David Sedaris points out in this fabulous clip.


Katie Holmes – Saggy + Baggy = Daggy (that’s an Australian term)

I’m not sure what is happeing here, and who is advising poor Katie Holmes-Cruise on her attire, but her apparel is getting worse and worse.  Here we have an ensemble of a nasty grey marle crew-neck t-shirt, teamed with a cardi that looks like it belongs to her granny, or at least someone a foot taller than her as the sleeves are so bunched up at her wrists and it’s bagging out on her in a most unflattering way.  Then  those jeans – they should be burnt, too baggy, then rolled a the ankles – she’s not Kate Moss – she’s not the right Kate to start the fashion trends.  Then those red shoes, what was she thinking?  They have no relationship to the rest of the outfit – the patent leather is way too shiny and formal for such a grungy outfit, they’re too conservative in style too.  Poor Katie’s style has gone to the dogs.

Tip for the vertically challenged


If you’re like Eva Longoria and on the petite side, make sure your dress isn’t too long – I’m just waiting for her to take a tumble over the hem  – DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU – and then A over T!