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Celebrity Hair Extensions – Jessica Szohr

Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr appears to have hair extensions, and unfortunately not the best ones I’ve ever seen.  In fact they’re way too long and there is a big distinction between the length of her natural hair and the extensions, which appear thin and raggy.

Many celebrities sport extensions either because they can quickly go from short to long hair, but also often because they are super skinny, and so have thinning hair and need extensions to give them the appearance of fuller hair.  This photo of Victoria Beckam shows the real truth of celebrity hair.


Posh’s Indecisive Season

This dress that Victoria “Posh” Beckham nee Spice is wearing can’t seem to make up it’s mind, is it a summer frock – which is what it looks like from the front, all sleeveless and white, or winter from the back with a built in fur kidney warmer?

And I hope her limo is close because it would be mighty hard to walk far in those heels!  I hope she has a podiatrist waiting for her in the car.

Posh’s Pants

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham loves to get herself all glammed up, but she of all people should know about the need for an alteration here and there to perfect a garment.

These pants are just too long.  We need to see a hint of shoe, these are dragging in the mud.  Did she turn up the bottoms and create cuffs because they’re way too long?  Or is this just the way she bought them?


Baby it’s cold outside!

Why is it that mid-winter New York – where it gets pretty darn cold, Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham(that’s Posh to you darlin), never wears a nice pair of trousers or tights to keep her gams warm.